Best Gelato In Charlotte

Gelato has finally made its way to the Queen City. The Italian version of ice cream differs from American ice cream in several ways. Gelato typically contains four to eight percent butterfat. This differs from ice cream which is usually a minimum of 20 percent butterfat content. By using a slow churning process, gelato has less air whipped into it, resulting in a product that is denser than ice cream. The density tends to produce richer, more intense flavors.


If you can’t make it to Venice to check out gelato in its natural environment, you can visit one of these places in the Charlotte area to make up your own mind in the gelato versus ice cream competition.

Bar Cocoa at the Ritz-Carlton

201 E. Trade St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 547-2244

Step inside Bar Cocoa and you’re instantly transported to an elegant, cosmopolitan hideaway. Take a seat in one of the cozy nooks and enjoy one of the many delectable treats prepared daily. The house-made gelato is memorable, with varying flavors. Try a dish of the vanilla with one of the French macarons to dip into the icy goodness. A week later, you’ll be back to try other flavors.

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